Review of the playboy slot machine: free spin for all tastes

Playboy is a slot machine designed for boys. Some very interesting functions are hidden from a slightly provocative aspect, such as the 4 different ways for the free spin and the 243 ways of winning.

The official online playboy online slot machine is one of the latest news of the well -known MICROGAMING CASINO GAMES SOCCH PRODUCTOR. Like most of the slots based on this software, graphics are not at the levels of perfection of other games currently available, but the bonus functions during the games are really many.

On Playboy there are no winning lines: in fact, winning combinations in 243 different ways can be madenull It does not matter that the same symbols are aligned with a particular arrangement, as long as it appears on adjacent rollers starting from the left, in any position on the rollers.

Another interesting function is that of the Wild symbol, which doubles the value of the combinationsnull When a Wild symbols are included in a combination of winning symbols, this is paid twice.

But the most interesting function is the one that assigns the free spin, the Playboy Clubnull There are 4 different ways that the player can choose for free spin, each of which offers special bonuses and number of different free games. The first of these features is available from the beginning, the following must be unlocked, even in different game sessions. In fact, the Playboy slot machine stores the results obtained within a year (the results are stored in the context of a single online casino, if you play Playboy on another game site, start from scratch).

Playboy Club: the 4 modes for free spin

When 3 or more Symbols Scatter are present in the same play in any Slot box, the player enters the Playboy Club, where he can select the free spin mode he prefers.

Initially only 1 mode is available. The other 3 must be unlocked. Whenever the Playboy Club is started a counter is increased. After 5 times the second mode is activated, after 10 times the third and after 15 times the fourth.

Here are the modes available for free games in the Playboy slot machine:

  • Kimi, 10 free spin with winnings multiplied 5 times: The player receives 10 free play during which all the winnings are multiplied 5 times.
  • Sofia, 15 Free Spin with Running Wilds function: The player receives 15 free games. After each play, a joker is added to each roller in the midst of all the other symbols.
  • Ashley, 20 free spin con funzione Rolling Reels: The player receives 20 free play. Whenever it creates a winning combination, the symbols that compose it disappear and are replaced with other symbols. Every time this happens the multiplier of the winnings increases, up to a maximum of 5 times.
  • Jillian, 25 free spin con funzione Wild Night: The player receives 25 free games. Randomly during each spin from 1 to 5 rollers can become entirely covered with Wild symbols.
Verdict: many special functions (7/10)
Review of the playboy slot machine in - updated to November 3, 2016

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