How difficult is it to win at online slots? A practical example

Knowing the chances of winning modern online slot machines is not easy. In this article we see a practical example of the outcomes of 10 game sessions in 5 different slots.

Calculating mathematically the chances of winning the classic mechanical slots is a rather simple, although very boring. On the contrary, checking the real probability in the slot machines proposed by online casinos is much more complex for a long series of factors.

For this reason we decided to Proceed in a practical way, showing the results of a series of 10 games made in 5 different slotsnull The method used is as follows: For each game session we have an initial balance of $ 100 and we only play between $ 2 and $ 3 of the amount depending on the type of slot. The test is repeated twice for each chosen game. If the balance is not exhausted, they stop us at the 50-exima played in the first test and at the 75-Esima in the second test.

Before showing the results, we would like to clarify two things: the first concerns the fact that the test was carried out using the free-to-play version of the slots, so the data must not be considered 100% reliable in case of play with Real money but rather a general vision of the situation. Secondly, it must always be borne in mind that the same game, in different online casino, is subject to a different RTP value.

The 5 online slot machines that we have chosen are some of the most famous and used in American web casinos: The Avengers (Playtech), Halloween Fortune (Playtech), Gonzo's Quest (Netent), Starburst (NetEnt) e Victorious (NetEnt).

Slot The Avengers: 1° test

Session started with $ 100 balance, episodes from $ 2 each for the entire duration of the session. We made 50 games for a total total bet of $ 100 and at the end our balance was equal to $ 102, slightly positively. We have not received free spin.

Slot The Avengers: 2° test

Session started with $ 100 available, episodes from $ 2 each. After making 75 played for a total of $ 150, our residual balance was 70 $, therefore at a loss of $ 30. No free spin played.

Slot Halloween Fortune: 1° test

Of the $ 100 initials after a series of 50 games with a total episode of $ 2, the residual balance was $ 68, recording a loss of $ 32. The bonus mode has not been activated.

Slot Halloween Fortune: 2° test

Rather lucky session. During the 75 laps made with episodes of $ 2 we received 3 times the free spins, receiving 20 played 5x multiplier respectively (winning $ 270), 4 played with 10x multiplier (win $ 20) and 5 played with 3x multiplier (win 60 $). At the end of the session, the balance showed $ 310, a positive $ 210 compared to what initially available.

Slot Gonzo's Quest: 1° test

With the initial balance of $ 100 and pointing $ 3 to each play for a total of $ 150 in 50 games we finished the game with a balance of $ 98, therefore slightly negative and without obtaining the free spin.

Slot Gonzo's Quest: 2° test

The usual initial balance of $ 100 was completely exhausted before reaching 75 played, without receiving significant winnings and bet $ 3 for each episode.

Slot Starburst: 1° test

SAVING BEGINABLE Initially $ 100, episodes from $ 2 each. After 50 spin the available balance was equal to $ 98, practically on the same time at the beginning of the session. During the games we got the re-Spin 4 times with the Starburst symbol without obtaining significant winnings.

Slot Starburst: 2° test

The same initial conditions and episode values of the previous test, after 75 laps we recorded a loss of $ 25, with a residual balance of $ 75. We have obtained the RE-SPIN with the Starburst symbols without receiving significant winnings.

Slot Victorious: 1° test

With initial balance of $ 100 and fixed episodes of $ 2.5, we finished the session of 50 played with a very positive win, which brought the residual balance to $ 410, positively $ 310 with respect to the initial conditions. The most considerable win derived from the activation of 20 free spins with tripled winnings.

Slot Victorious: 2° test

The $ 100 initials were sold out within the 75-Exima played by betting $ 2.5 for each spin.

How to evaluate the results of our tests on online slots

The results of our test show the following situation for the 10 game sessions made:

  • Average win: 0 times out of 10
  • Average loss: 3 times out of 10
  • Great win: 2 times out of 10
  • Great loss: 2 times out of 10
  • Balance in par: 3 times out of 10

It is a result that did not surprise us much. In 20% of cases we obtained a large win, in 20% a great loss, in 30% an average loss and in 30% a result that we can consider in the same time with respect to the initial balance.

These data do not reflect exact statistics and must be taken "with pliers". In fact, if the test again would most likely be changes. In any case, however, it can be highlighted that in general the number of losses is greater than the number of winnings and that in some cases the winnings are quite high.

This is part of the type of game of slot machines: With small sums it is possible to get good winnings, but in most cases the players meet money losses.

On the other hand, it concerns progressive jackpots, which often attract players with their decidedly high amounts. Winning a progressive jackpot is not easy, in fact the chances are estimated in 1 on a few dozen millions In most cases, with the exception of some lower amount jackpots that are won more often (an example are the two lowest jackpots among the four present in Playtech's Marvel Slot).

However, a valid rule is the one that places the counter in a situation of increasing advantage over the player with the increase in the game time and the number of bets made. This means that it is good to choose an amount to play and not go further and, in case of winning, pocket at least a part of the loot before risking losing everything!