In Shooting Stars Winning in two directions and re-Spin with each Wild

Shooting Stars is a new Novomatic game that will surely find a great appreciation among slot lovers.

As can be guessed by the name, Shooting Stars is a slot machine in which the main theme is represented by the universe full of stars. Equipped with appreciable graphics and 10 winning lines on 5 rollers, this slot has two main features: The winnings are paid in two directions e Wild symbols always give rise to a free king, or a free game.

Like almost all Novomatic slots, it is always possible to try to multiply each win by the function of doubling (up to $ 5000), a mini-game in which the player has 50% of the possibility of guessing the color of a covered card.

Shooting Stars presents itself as a rather simple game: apart from the functions we have already mentioned, there are no other complex mechanisms for assigning winnings or free laps. This may seem like a flaw, but the data on the players teach that it is the simplest games that collect the most successful in most cases.

The free Wild symbol and free re-spins

Like any self -respecting slot machines, even in shooting stars there are also Wild symbols, which have the function of joker and replace all the other symbols in the creation of winning combinations are also present on the rollers (2.3 and 4).

In this slot though Wild symbols also have another important function: that of activating a re-Spin, that is, a free play with greater probability of winning, because the jokers become expandable and go to occupy all the roller boxes on which they appeared.

Here's how it works:

  • If during a normal game you get a Wild in any position on the rollers 2.3 or 4, this expands on all the roller boxes and get a free re-Spin as well as any winnings of the game.
  • Before the free game starts, the Wild is blocked to cover all the roller boxes on which it appeared.
  • A free lap is started with the episode settings equal to those that gave rise to the bonus game.
  • If a new Wild symbol appears during a re-Spin, in addition to any winnings of the bonus game you receive a new re-Spin (up to a maximum of 3, in the event that a Wild symbol appears at each of the 3 rollers).

How to play Shooting Stars

Playing is really very simple: the player is only required to select the number of winning lines (from 1 to 10) and the value of the episode for each line. Once the amount to be bet are selected, just press the "Play" button to start a game.

All winning combinations are paid in two directions, from left to right and vice versa. The cases in which the winnings are higher are those in which the combinations of 5 symbols are paid twice because they are valid in both senses.

If a win is made, the player is asked if he wants to try to double or collect and continue.

Any similarity with Starburst?

Yes, the two slots are practically identical, except for the graphic style and the value of the combinations in the payments table. If you appreciate the characteristics of Shooting Stars but you prefer to play with Netent software, then Starburst It is the slot for you. If, on the other hand, you like the idea of being able to try the doubling of each win, or if you prefer the style of the VLT Novomatic, then choose Shooting Stars.


Shooting Stars is simple, relaxing and well made. His strengths resemble a lot to those who made Netten's Slot Starburst one of the most appreciated games in online casinos. Considering that Starburst has been available for several years, we would have expected from shooting stars some interesting "additions", but sometimes simplicity is more appreciated by users.

Verdict: the Novomatic version of Starburst (7/10)
Review of the Shooting Stars Slot Machine in - updated to 20 June 2017

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Play with slot moderation!

This type of game can induce the player to bet excessively. Always be careful and use your head!