Recensione della slot machine Monty Python's Spamalot

Spamalot is the Playtech slot machine which reached the highest jackpot ever, greater than one million and seven hundred thousand euros ($ 1,700,000)!

Spamalot is a 20 -winning classic slot, in which players can try their hand at Many bonus games, including what can lead to the winning of the enormous progressive jackpot "Holy Grail Jackpot" and of the far more reduced, but always rich, "Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot".
The game setting of this slot machine recalls the story of King Arthur and his knights in a very ironic key. The graphic aspect is not as excellent as that of many other Playtech games, but Spamalot offers so many modes of bonus games that graphics certainly goes into the background.

The Jackpot of almost two million euros was won only a few months ago but the slot again reached a figure of more than $ 600,000 when we write.

The free spin and the spamalot jackpot game

In the Spamalot slot Machine the Free Spin and the Jackpot Game are bonds with each othernull More precisely, to participate in the Jackpot Game you must first get the free spin.

The free games start when 3 or more symbols run in any position appear on the game screen. In this case, 10 free games are immediately obtained, during which Extra Wild symbols can be assigned in a completely random way.

Free games assign winnings in a conventional way. During these 10 games the symbol of the Jackpot Game can appear on the central roller. 5 are needed in total to be entitled to the possibility of winning the jackpot.

When the Jackpot Game is started, the player takes the role of an indomitable knight who must climb a mountain to reach the "Sacred Grail". At each level the player must choose one of the symbols available on the screen. If the symbol reveals a win, this is collected and moves on to the upper level. Otherwise the winnings are collected and the game ends. Those who manage to overcome all levels are entitled to one of the two available jackpots.

The 4 spamalot bonus jokes

Monty Python's Spamalot is divided into 4 theatrical acts, each of which represented by a different bonus gamenull The games are started according to a precise succession when the bonus symbols are simultaneously on the first and fifth roller, in any position.

Every time this combination occurs, only one bonus game is started. When the combination appears again we move on to the next and so on. The cycle starts again after the fourth bonus game. Here is the list of bonus games available:

  • Assault on the castle: The knights are attaching the castle. The French in the castle launch the cows against the knights. He choose 1 of 6 strategic points, then look at the French who pull a cow. If they don't hit you win an award and you can choose another strategic point. If you hit you retreats the winnings and the game ends.
  • From here we do not pass: a murderously brave knight blocks the path of King Arthur. Hit the knight 4 times to win a prize and a multiplier. If you hit the knight win an award. If you don't take it, the multiplier lowers a point. The multiplier starts from 5x. After 4 attempts, the accumulated prize will be multiplied.
  • The Knights who said Tiè: The knights who said Tiè ask for a grove in sacrifice. Find a grove and bring it to the knights. The knights will show the assignment to the grove. You can choose whether to collect the prize or choose another grove. If there are no more groves available, win the last attempt award.
  • The killer rabbit: Six knights have to cross the path but a killer rabbit hides behind the rocks. He pulls a grenade behind one of the 5 rocks to hit the rabbit. If you are wrong, the knight will be killed and the turn of the next adventurer will be. If you hit the assassin, all the remaining knights will pass healthy and safe. Each saved knight assigns a cash prize.
Verdict: ironic and with a fairytale jackpot! (8/10)
Review of the Spamalot Slot Machine of - updated to November 3, 2016

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