Review of the Starburst XXXTREME slot machine

Starburst XXXTREME is a slot machine released in the summer of 2021 by Netent, one of the most prestigious software houses that has decided to renew and enrich one of its most popular and famous titles, the slot machine Starburst.

Beyond the highly technological extra functions that we analyze in this review, the first aspect that leaps to the eye is The enormous winning potential that this slot offers, equal to X200,000 times the episode!

From the graphic point of view there are no particular upheavals, in the sense that NetEnt He opted to maintain the elegance and sobriety that have always distinguished the Starburst slot: the setting is again the infinite space and the symbols are always the Sfargianti precious gems.

The grid is transparent and the rollers are separated only by thin orange strips, the symbols seem to float in the galaxy giving a magnificent optical effect, but when you get a winning combination they begin to sparkle making the atmosphere even more suggestive. The background is dark with purple shades, we can admire the shiny stars that dissolve and also glimpse Saturn surrounded by its inevitable ring.

The electronic soundtrack is characterized by a magical and sweet melody that we found somewhat pleasant and relaxing, however it becomes much more hammering and intense when they come to life the special methods, helping to increase the palpitations perceived by the player!

Starburst XXXTREME is a highly volatile slot which can make you collect very high winnings thanks to the powerful simbolo Starburst Wild, designed as a rainbow star that is capable of expanding, locking in position and generating Respin. But above all of assign multipliers up to X150 which can also add up to each other to maximize your winnings.

Then there is the random wilds random function which ensures the insertion of at least one joker on the grid, but the big news introduced by this game is the Mode XXXTREME SPINS for a fee which guarantees one or two Wild symbols on each lap. The normal symbols with which you will have to compose the winning combinations are:

  • The highest value is the bar
  • Then we have the 7 red
  • The yellow, green, orange, blue and purple gems

Starburst XXXTREME is a perfect online slot machine for any type of player: its rules are simple, but the winning potential is incredible! Below we discover all the secrets of his inimitable and throbbing gameplay.

Function of the Starburst XXXTREME SLOT MACHINE

Expandable Starburst Wild symbol that generates reactivable repetition

il simbolo Starburst Wild It is a rainbow star that can land only on rollers 2, 3 and 4. The Wild performs the classic Jolly function replacing each symbol to help you complete the best possible winning combination.

Every time one or more Wild land on the grill, they expand by covering all the boxes vertically on the respective roller, they also generate a free reject. If further Wild appears during the Respin, they they expand and assign an additional reperto.

During the Respin, Wild's covered roller becomes sticky, therefore it remains blocked increasing the chances of victorynull Do you think you can get a reject with rollers 2, 3 and 4 entirely covered by Wild. There are no limits to consecutive rejects, but the function ends when a new Wild does not land in a reject.

The Respins are played with the same value as the episode of the activating lap and their winnings are added to those obtained in the activating round.

Multiplier of the Starburst Wild symbol

Each Starburst Wild symbol can assign a random win multiplier with these values:

Little 2, Little 3, Little 5, Little 10, Little 25, Little 50, Little 100 Nausea 150.

The multiplier applies to all the winnings on the payment lines of the base lap and the next Renore and its value is reported above the grid. If more than one multiplier is assigned during a basic lap and a Renore, all the winnings on the payment lines of the base lap and the following reject are multiplied by the sum of the multipliers.

Think that multipliers can add up to each other until they generate A maximum multiplier of X450!

The winnings are paid at the end of a base lap or a reject.

Random Wilds function

The function Random Wilds It is activated randomly after a base lap or a reject.

When activated, one to three Wild symbols are inserted in random positions on rollers 2, 3 and 4 to increase the probability of winning. The Wild randomly inserted multipliers enclosed Tyri Acy 2 disgusting 150.

In the Random Wilds function, the Wild symbols added on the grill cannot land on the boxes where the Wilds are already present.

METHOD XXXTREME spins for a fee

The Mode XXXTREME SPINS It is the big news of this slot machine, ideal especially for players who have a rather important bankroll.

At the bottom left on the display there is a button written "Active xxxtreme spins". By clicking on the button, a new screen opens that offers two paid options:

  • The first guarantees the landing of a Wild symbol on each lap at the cost of x10 times the episode
  • The second guarantees the landing of two Wild symbols on each lap at the cost of x95 times the episode

Caution: the xxxtreme spins remain activit's atil they are manually deactivated by the user.

During this mode the percentage of RTP increases to 96.45%.

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Rules and structure

Starburst XXXTREME presents a traditional layout: five rollers, three lines and nine fixed payment linesnull The episode range on Star Casino is enclosed between a minimum of 10 cents and a maximum of $ 10 for each spin, but the Max Bet can vary according to the online casino you are playing on. The RTP (Return To Player) is 96.26% and the volatility is in the high end.

We describe the large control panel: in the central position we have the large button with the arrow that serves to start the rollers; At his left side there is the car play with which to activate up to 1,000 automatic rpm; At his right side there is the Quick Spin that increases the speed of the rollers.

The coin -shaped icon allows you to calibrate the bet; the icon "I" displays the payments table; On the right there is the button to activate/deactivate the audio. On the left we note a button with three horizontal lips, clicking on the detailed regulation and settings.

To create winning combinations at the Starburst XXXTREME Slot Machine, at least three equal and adjacent symbols must land on a payment line, starting from the first roller to the left with a trend to the right. Only the highest win on the same payment line is paid, while the simultaneous winnings on different lines are added. The values expressed in the pay table are multiplied by the total episode.

The payments table dynamicly reports the value of each winning combination in relation to the value you have given to your episode. Here is how much the symbols pay considering the max bet of 10 $ per lap!

  • Bar: Three symbols pay 25 euros, four 50 euros, five 500 euros.
  • 7 Red: three symbols pay 15 euros, four 30 euros, five 200 euros
  • Yellow Gem: Three symbols pay 10 euros, four 25 euros, five 60 euros
  • Green Gem: three symbols pay 8 euros, four 20 euros, five 50 euros
  • Orange gem: three symbols pay 7 euros, four 15 euros, five 40 euros
  • Blue gem: three symbols pay 5 euros, four 10 euros, five 30 euros.
  • Viola gem: three symbols pay 5 euros, four 10 euros, five 30 euros

More information on the Starburst XXXTREME slot machine

Free demo

Starburst XXXTREME enthusiasts will be able to experiment with the slot machine in a manner totally free and zero risk! How? Easy, by accessing the demo with virtual money created by Netent, a very advantageous tool for testing the gameplay without risking losing even a pennynull The demo is available for any user directly from the browser, without any obligation to register or download.

But there is more! At this moment the Casino Starcasino offers a promotion that allows you to Receive 30 free laps for registration, without making a first deposit, with which you can make real winnings!

Mobile service

The Starburst XXXTREME slot is compatible on Each model of smartphones and tablets equipped with an iOS and Android operating system, why you can always have all the fun offered by this game in your pockets: the design, the sound effects and the gameplay reproduced on your mobile device have nothing to envy to those reproduced on PC. To play from Mobile just download the app of your trusted ADM online casino or log in from the browser.

Proeons and defects of the Starburst XXXTREME slot machine

Starburst XXXTREME, while remaining faithful to the original chapter, is able to give a nice refreshed to a historical slot like Starburst, introducing some sensational winnings multipliers that make the gameplay even more inviting and spectacular. Everything runs around the very powerful Wild symbols that can give multipliers up to X450 helping you get the amazing Maximum X200,000 times the episodenull The paid XXXTREME SPIN mode is as interesting as it is expensive and therefore you could risk going to loss if you cannot get rich combinations thanks to the guaranteed Wild.

The only real defect of this title is the absence of the free spins, just like in the first Starburst. A little limiting also the only nine payment lines available. Remember that Volatility is very high, therefore it will not be easy to get the best winnings. Slot however highly recommended for both beginners and more experts!

Verdict: excellent multipliers who add up to 450x! (9/10)
Review of the Starburst XXXterme Slot Machine of - updated to February 2, 2022

Play with moderation to the Starburst XXXTREME slot!

Slot machines are a type of games that can be very "addicative". We recommend playing with moderation always!