Review of the Slot Machine The Avengers

4 FREE spin modes with bonus functions and 4 progressive jackpots are the most interesting features of the Slot Machine The Avengers, the latest arrival in the Marvel Slots group.

The Avengers is a 20 -year -old class lines of winnings produced by Playtech in collaboration with Marvel, whose setting is inspired by the best known comic book heroes. From a truly noteworthy graphic aspect, what are the most interesting functions of this slot are hidden: the 4 modes of potential and theoretically unlimited free spins (during our test in one case we got 45!), The Avengers combination Attachment and the 4 progressive jackpots present in each Marvel game.

Wall of Heroes: 4 enhanced free spin modes

Let's start by saying that to win beautiful sums in the Slot Machine The Avengers you have to get the free gamesnull The heart of this game is in fact the Wall of Heroes mode, the mini-game that assigns the free spins to the players.

The Wall of Heroes mode is activated in a rather classic way: 3 scatter symbols must be present in the same game, it does not matter in which position. Once started, the bonus game presents the player a grid containing covered boxes (a bit like the old "memory" board game). Under the boxes you can hide the symbols of 4 Marvel heroes or the Loki symbol. The player must continue to discover the boxes until he gets 3 equal symbols, which start a particular mode for free games. If the Loki symbol is discovered, the Wall of Heroes game ends and all the winnings are collected.

The interesting aspect is that there is no limit to the free spin. The first time the player is shown the box grid the Loki symbol is not present and 9 free spin are certainly won. At the end of these free games, the grid is open again and the player must proceed with a second selection. The procedure is repeated until the Loki symbol is discovered. You can then obtain 9 free spin packages each in potentially unlimited numbers.

Here are the characteristics of the 4 FREE SpIN modes available:

  • Play with Hulk: The central roller of the Slot The Avengers is covered by the Hulk symbol that takes on expandable Wild function.
  • Play with Thor: random extra wilds can be assigned on all the rollers of the slot.
  • Play with Iron Man: a fixed extra wild is positioned in the center of the roller 3. In addition, the first 3 games have multiplier of the winnings of 1x, the next 3 games of 2x and the last 3 games of 3x.
  • Play with Captain America: Before each spin, a random winning multiplier is assigned from 2x to 5x.

Avengers assembly combination

Avengers Assemble is a special combination of symbols that assigns an immediate winning equal to 10 times the total episode of the current play.

This combination consists of 5 symbols of male heroes (Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Nick Fury) on an active win line, in any order of appearance.

4 progressive jackpot

Like all the other Marvel Slots, also The Avengers involve the presence of the 4 shared progressive jackpots. Participation in the mini-game which certainly assigns one of the 4 Jackpot is totally random. The chances are directly proportional to the amount used for bets.

Verdict: rich in special functions (8/10)
Review of the Slot Machine The Avengers in - updated to November 3, 2016

Where to play The Avengers for real or free money (Casino Playtech)

Starting from April 2017 this slot is no longer available.