Winning tips and methods to move to the roulette

The most effective systems for winning at online roulette, explained in detail. How to maximize the chances of winning at the roulette table.

Below we have collected the most effective strategies and methods to win this game.

We would be fake if we affirmed (as is done by many sources on the internet) that there is a make -up, a system that allows you to guarantee certain winnings 100% to the roulettenull But those listed below are systems that really allow to significantly increase the chances of creating roulette winnings.

The base of this game of the is a table consisting of 37 numbers characterized by black and red colors, with the exception of the number 0 which is green and acts as Jolly.

The table in turn can be divided into the following ways:

  • In red numbers and black numbers
  • In equal numbers and odd numbers
  • Sestine
  • in the triplets
  • in dozen
  • in columns
  • In the 1-18 and 19-36 sections

As with other casino games, there are also for roulette there strategy which help to improve the chances of victory. In this article the following will be explained Systems to win roulette:

  • Red/black method
  • dozen system
  • Terzine system
  • metodo the oldemert
  • Fibonacci method

Method of doubling or red/black

The Red and black strategy It is probably the best known. It begins by choosing a unit of measurement, i.e. the value of the piece you want to play. This unit will be at the end of the process the profit matured by this strategy.

After that, the chips are focused on the table and turn the wheel. In case of victory, we continue to play the usual piece. In case of defeat, the episode is doubled by playing two tokens.

If you lose again, continue with the doubling as long as the win is presented.

Example: 1 euro is played on red. The wheel turns and a black number comes out. At this point you bet 2 euros on red. Turn the wheel and another black comes out. They bet 4 euros on red. The wheel turns and a red comes out. The total win will be 8 euros which, after 7 euros of bets, will accrue a profit of 1 euro, i.e. the initial episode.

Due to this game behavior, this strategy is also called doubling method.

It's a Method recommended to those who can have high budgets, considering that the stakes doubled from time to time until the color bet is centered

dozen system

At the base of this trick for roulette there is the division of the game table in the DOZZINE 1-12, 13-24, 25-36null These groups are called respectively first dozen, second dozen and third dozen.

To begin with, the player has to take an empty ride to see where the ball falls. After the first launch of the Croupier, two chips of the same value must be placed on the dozen discoveries.

For example: If the ball falls on number 4 (first dozen), the player must put a $ 1.00 chips on the second dozen and another $ 1.00 chips on the third dozen. It is important that the two chips are of the same amount.

If the player wins he can repeat the operation and continue with the game, otherwise he must place the chips on the same dozen again doubling the value of the bet.

Resuming the example of before, if the first heat is losing the player, he must focus two $ 1.00 chdies on the second dozen and two other $ 1.00 chips on the third dozen.

The dozen pay the stakes three times so much. Pointing two chips from $ 1.00, $ 6.00 would win.

Terzine system

When playing roulette, the ball tends to stop on average on red numbers or black numbers, giving life to one of the possible three results: Red-black, red-red, Nero -ero.

Excluding zero you can estimate a total of 1024 laps from which it is possible to distinguish 3 tripletsnull These groups of numbers represent the most likely cases of victory.

The first triplet consists of 256 shots, in which red and black alternate;
The second triplet is made up of 128 shots, in which two red and two blacks alternate;
The third third is made up of a series of reds and a series of blacks following the scheme:

  • 64 series of three, total 192 rpm
  • 32 series of four, total 128 rpm
  • 16 series of five, total 80 laps
  • 8 series of six, total 48 laps
  • 4 series of seven, total 28 laps
  • 2 series of eight, total 16 laps
  • 7. 1 series of nine, total 9 laps
  • 8. 1 series of ten, total 10 laps

There are no progression system in the system of thirds.

The method consists in using 4 chips for each simple episode, for a total of 12 tokens. It is played until you lose on a combination, returning to attack only on the new one. The game is considered over when 12 pieces are wonnull If the zero comes out, the church used remains frozen until the next lap.

The system is easy to apply. For convenience, the table numbers can be divided into 12 groups of triplets. Following the law of the third, it is noted that it is difficult to have the 12 triplets all together. On average, 8 are present. So, in 12 shots there will certainly be a couple who will repeat themselves in the backs present.

Considering 18 shots, it can be assumed that a triplet can be repeated on average three times. The table below effectively demonstrates what has just been written:

Shots Set Capital Recessed Useful
1 1 1 12 11
2 1 2 12 10
3 1 3 12 9
4 1 4 12 8
5 1 5 12 7
6 1 6 12 6
7 2 8 24 16
8 2 10 24 15
9 2 12 24 14

This roulette strategy statistically offers 66% success.

metodo the oldemert

il metodo the oldemert It is an extremely effective roulette strategy.

First, the player must choose an amount to be played repeatedly during the session. After that, he has to aim and turn the wheel.

If he wins, he repeats the bet of the same value. If he loses, he repeats the bet increases by a unit until he wins. Upon achieving a win, continue betting by subtracting a unit from your Bet.

For example: We consider a bet of $ 1.00. Initially the player focuses on the wheel a chip of this amount. If he wins, he still focuses a $ 1.00 coin otherwise it focuses $ 2.00. If the player still loses, he has to bet $ 6.00 total (2 + 2 + 2).

This procedure will be followed until you win again. If with the bet from $ 6.00 a win is obtained, the player must focus in the next lap $ 4.00 (6-2). Wins again? Tip $ 2.00. Lose? Play $ 6.00.

Fibonacci method

il Fibonacci method It provides for the following scheme: 0 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 233 - 275. These numbers are not random, but are the sum of the two previous numbers.

The fourth number (2) corresponds to the sum of its two previous numbers (1+1 = 2).

The Fibonacci method consists in pointing following the scheme until you win or losenull The idea is that if you lose, you go back a unit in the sequence and if you win you go back two units. In this way, you have the opportunity to gradually recover any losses and to play the winnings slowly.

Taking reference to the scheme indicated above, let's assume that the player is aiming for the post initially played. If he loses again, he has to aim for X13 the Bet otherwise must aim for x3.


As with any casino strategy, we suggest applying them with due caution because they do not guarantee safe winnings. Therefore, it is advisable to devote yourself to game with prudence and not to use excessive figures.