Results of the Labouchere system on roulette and craps

Results of the Labouchere system (cancellation method) applied to roulette and craps games.

We recently published an article in which we explain the Operation of the Labouchere betting systemnull Let's see now what are the probability of winning the players by applying the cancellation method for "Even Odds" of Roulette (red/black, even/odd) and for the episodes on "Pass Line" del craps.

The test results were originally published on the website and are based on the simulation of 10 million game sessions using several Bankroll. Recall that the Bankroll is nothing more than the amount of money that the player brings to the table, that is, the total that is willing to put at risk in a game session. For simplicity, we assume that the Bankroll is made up of episode units: for example a 100 unit Bankroll will consist of $ 10, $ 100 or $ 200 if the episode unit chosen by the player is 0.10 $, $ 1 or 2 $. In other words, if you decide to risk $ 50, you can choose 1 $ unit to have a Bankroll of 50 or from $ 0.50 for a 100 bankroll and so on.

As for the roulette, the bets on red/black or peer/odd were considered, for which the player has a probability of winning of 47.37%, while for the craps the episode on the Pass line was examined, which guarantees the player a probability of winning of 49.29%.

Labouchere: results for roulette

Bankroll Probability loss Medium betting
5 72.9% 17.8
10 58.2% 31.1
20 42.2% 50.7
50 21.5% 90.0
100 15.3% 129.7
200 9.2% 177.2
300 6.8% 208.6
500 4.6% 252.8
750 3.3% 291.0
1000 2.7% 321.1

Labouchere: results for the craps

Bankroll Probability loss Medium betting
5 68.4% 18.3
10 52.2% 31.2
20 35.7% 49.1
50 18.6% 82.3
100 10.6% 112.6
200 5.7% 144.9
300 4.0% 164.8
500 2.5% 190.4
750 1.7% 211.6
1000 1.3% 227.0

As seen from the results shown in the tables, The higher the number of units that constitutes the bankroll and the more the probability of loss is reduced of the entire stack available. With a Bankroll of 1000 units, the player has 97.3% probability of erase all the numbers chosen for the initial sequence, while for Craps this value rises to 98.7%. Obviously, with the same monetary amount of Bankroll, an increase in the number of units increases the probability in favor but reduces the amount of the possible win. On the contrary, reducing the number of units increases the risk but also the value of the possible final win.

There are several ways to use the Laboucher method, or cancellation, for example the player can choose to start with a sequence of numbers other than the standard one (1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1), for example they could be used More short sequences (1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1) or incremental sequences (1 2 3 4 5 6). In any case, in the long term, it is still impossible for the player to have a mathematical advantage on the casino counter. However, it should be held in mind that longer sequences or with higher numbers you choose to risk more to try to get higher winnings.

To test this strategy you can access the free games offered by many online casinos or use some PC programs that allow you to simulate large numbers of sorties for roulette.