Play the real roulette tables through the internet

Live Roulette is one of the innovations that has greatly increased the interest of players for mess on the web. How does the live roulette work, how can you play and what versions do they exist?

One of the major limits that characterized the online game until a few years ago was undoubtedly the presence of virtual games only. Although appreciated by many players, this type of game is not suitable for those bettors who seek maximum realism.

In fact, not everyone finds fun on a virtual roulette, in which the winning or loser combinations are randomly drawn by an algorithm. Live roulette is the innovation that has eliminated this problem.

In fact, in the live game the players, using their PC (or a portable device), have the opportunity to bet on a real roulette table, shared with other players connected at the same time and managed by professional croupier.

To know the operators who offer this type of roulette, you can view ours Live Live Listnull In recent months, some messages have made this live game available even for those who bet with smartphones and tablets.

How the roulette works in live mess

In live roulette, technology has the only role of "connecting" the player to a real gaming table. The user, attracts his PC, connects to the Casino website and when he accesses a live table shows an interface divided into two parts.

The first part of the interface shows a streaming video of the action that takes place at the table, while the second part, completely virtual, allows you to perform the episodes. The player then chooses his combinations and, when the time scheduled for betting ends, can observe the launch of the ball and the number that comes out.

The system is also integrated on the farm side, in this way all the winnings made are immediately credited to the player's account.

Many users wonder if live roulette can be made up, in particular if the video can be recorded and not in live streaming. This eventuality is averted by the fact that the Croupiers who manage the table interact with users using their nicknames. Privacy is also respected: players can see the game table, but the casino staff cannot see the players through any webcams.

A last aspect to report regarding live roulette is the impossibility of playing with virtual money: Bets are accepted only if made with real money.

The versions of live roulette

The first (and now overtaken) version of this game presented itself to users with a graphic design not exactly at the last cry.

The game interface in this case, as shown in the image, is made up only of a small window showing the video flow. All the rest of the Schemo is occupied by the virtual table on which to lay the chips for the episodes.

Certainly a great innovation compared to before, but it certainly does not offer a very appreciable level of realisticity. In fact, you must consider that a few years ago internet connections did not allow the display of high resolution streaming movies to most users.

A more advanced version of live roulette presents itself as in the image alongside.

In this case, the live video occupies most of the available space, relegating the virtual interface to the role of container for the different Fiches cuts available and for the buttons that allow you to set the game options.

The roulette table used is much larger than normal: in this way users can easily place bets directly on the table, as they can distinguish all numbers and other boxes well.

This approach is currently used in most mess that offer a section dedicated to live games.

The highest level reached so far is represented by immersive roulette.

It is a version of the game in which many high definition cameras are used to resume the details of the wheel (and often of the girls that act as Croupier), with slow motion effects before the ball stops on a number.

The player's immersion level is total and can only be overcome when the first virtual reality roulettes are available.

You can find here More information on immersive roulette.

How to play Live Roulette

In order to take part in the action of a real table it is necessary to follow the following simple procedure:

  • Select an operator who provides a live game service.
  • Open a gaming account and deposit true money.
  • Go to the "Live Casino" section and choose the table based on preferences and betting limits.
  • Wait for the loading of the interface. At this point you can bet as if you were sitting at a real table.