How to play roulette: the basic rules

Let's see what the rules of the roulette are, the parts that make up the game and the possible episodes that can be made.

On this page we make a complete overview of those that can be considered the Basic Roulette rules necessary to understand how to move at the game table. They are valid both for the "classic" versions for the online ones.

During the discussion we will refer to European (or French) roulette, which differs from the American one in the absence of a number: double zero. The motivation of this choice is simple: as we will see later in the European version the margin of the counter is reduced. In any case, the rules exposed apply indifferently to all types of roulette.

The components of the roulette: the cylinder and the carpet

The game table is essentially divided into two parts: the cylinder (the actual roulette) and the carpet on which bets are placed.

The wheel contains 37 numbered boxes from 0 to 36 in scattered order: zero is green, while the other numbers are alternately red or black. The position of the numbers on the wheel can vary depending on the version, but the chances of winning for each type of play remain unchanged if they are not there are more numbers (like double zero in the American roulette).

The carpet also presents the same 37 cylinder boxes, in this case ordered numerically in a growing way, flanked by other boxes that are used to carry out different types of episode.

Before the start of each play, the wheel is firm and the game table is empty. Players can use tokens, more commonly known as chips or chips, to make their episodes, placing them on the carpet boxes. In online roulette the player can select the value of the tokens through a graphic interface, and then place them by clicking on the boxes with the mouse or with a "tap" on the touchscreen.

When the episodes ended, the wheel is operated, on which a ball is launched. When the wheel stops the position of the ball on one of the available boxes decrees what the winning bets are and those losers.

All types of episodes possible

The Roulette game has been the subject of studies relating to complex episode strategies that may benefit the player towards the counter for decades, however the basic episodes are relatively few and simple to put into practice. Let's see a list:

  • Full: a single full number, pay the mail 35 times. One or more tokens are positioned on the carpet box that corresponds to the chosen number.
  • Cavallo: two numbers, pay the mail 17 times. The episode between two nearby numbers, vertically or horizontal is positioned.
  • Full transverse: three numbers on a line, pay the mail 11 times. The chips are placed on the left margin that delimits the line.
  • Carré: 4 nearby numbers, pay 8 times the mail. They put the tokens in the common point of the four numbers, so that each of them is partially covered. This episode can also be made on the first four numbers (0.1,2,3).
  • Simple transversal: 6 numbers on two adjacent lines, pay the mail 5 times. In this case, the episode goes on to the left margin of the lines, at the point where the first Die Caselle touch each other.
  • Colonna: a column of 12 numbers, pays the mail 2 times. Fiche is placed in one of the three boxes under the columns of numbers.
  • Dozen: a group of 12 subsequent numbers, pays the mail twice. The episode is put in one of the boxes on the sidelines of the numbers (1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12).
  • Lack or pass: 18 numbers, pay the mail once. The token must be positioned on one of the boxes (1-18) or (19-36).
  • You seem to be disappearing: 18 numbers, pay the mail once. The chip should be put on one of the two red or black symbols.
  • Red or black: 18 numbers, pay the mail once. Fiche must be put in one of the boxes (Even - Pari) or (ODD - odd).

The episodes that pay only once the mail are defined as "simple" (manque or passe, even or odd, red or black). In the event that the zero comes out, simple bets can have two outcomes based on the specific rules of the table: being immediately considered losers, or remaining "prisoner" until the next play, which will decide the outcome.

The limits of the episodes

Both in the real casinos in the royal casinos, limits on the episodes are expected in the online roulettenull The reason for this limitation is soon explained: if this were not the case it would be possible to implement very simple mathematical systems that would guarantee the player not only the possibility of returning losses, but even to win in an absolutely certain way. Obviously this utopia must submit to the harsh reality.

The minimum and maximum amount of each bet depends on the specific table to which the player intends to play. Realistic limitations in online roulette are in the order of 25 euro cents at a minimum and $ 500 like Massimo. For the versions of Roulette Live you can also reach a minimum of $ 1 and a maximum of $ 1000. This information, as well as any special regulations, are visible directly on the game carpet or accessible via a table that summarizes the rules of the table.

In which online casino playing to play roulette

Practically all online casinos offer different versions of roulette to their players, both virtual and live, the first ones also available with virtual money for those who want to try to play without risking.

To know the operators who offer this game and who have a high level of quality we recommend reading ours List of the best American gaming rooms.

The roulette explained in 5 minutes

To conclude a slightly "old-style" video that in 5 minutes tells the story of the birth of the roulette and puts into practice all the rules we have discussed.